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Core cuts, water testing, client interviews. At Four Seasons, we like to think of ourselves as leak detectives. There are many factors to be accounted for when troubleshooting a roof leak. We pride ourselves on due diligence to stop your leak the first time.


We integrate modern technologies with our comprehensive, value-driven preventative maintenance solutions to provide truly unique service. Request service instantly, receive updates, and process payment all through our client hub. Learn more about the advantages of working with Four Seasons on our blog page.

The Jersey City Family Health Center

Waterproofing repair at The Jersey City Family Health Center. Masonry lintel had detached from the brick face, along with additional cracking as a result of expansion and contraction. Filled excessive joints with 3" backer rod, sealed with a high-grade silicone sealant.

Brick repair with silicone caulk - Waterproofing repair Services by Four Seasons Exteriors

776 Deluxe Foods

Comprehensive roof maintenance at 776 Deluxe Foods. Roof had been compromised as a result of an HVAC emergency. Approximately 150 SF of .060 EPDM overlaid.

Rubber roof repairs with scattered tools - Four Seasons Exteriors

State Office Building

Leak troubleshooting at the State Office Building. The curb flashing was devoid of sealant, and the backer rod had begun to deteriorate, causing a steady leak during wind-driven rains. Replaced the damaged backer rod and sealed approximately 120 LF of polyurethane sealant above the curb flashing.

Polyurethane caulking for a hallway leak in Jersey City - Four Seasons Exteriors
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