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Pressure Washing

When it comes to pressure, we don't discriminate. We offer both low and high-pressure washing services to our commercial and residential clients based on their needs. Need your vinyl siding or roof washed? Learn more about our state-of-the-art soft wash system. Need the concrete walkways in your apartment complex thoroughly cleaned? Ask about our high-pressure surface cleaning services. Got something a little more specific in mind? Call us at 201-357-7306 to talk to a real, live human. 

Residential Paver Cleaning

Client and his family had recently moved into their new home and wanted to clean up the yard for the summer. Pre-treated the pavers with a sodium hypochlorite solution, along with the weeds, and let the solution set for 30 minutes. Then surface cleaned the area with a 4 GPM pressure washer.

Beautiful before and after picture of a paver walkway - Residential Paver Cleaning Services by Four Seasons Exteriors

Residential Roof Wash

Client requested roof wash services after seeing results of his vinyl siding. Soaked the roof with three coats of 11.5% sodium hypochlorite. 

Before and after pictures of a dirty roof, and the resulting shine after the cleaning - Residential Roof Wash services by Four Seasons Exteriors

Residential Vinyl

Client requested a curb appeal package before putting the house up for sale. Heavy algae on white vinyl siding. Treated with a 6% sodium hypochlorite mix. Let solution sit for 15 mins, then agitated. 

Before and after pictures of a mildew stained vinyl siding, followed by a clean and shiny white finish - Residential Vinyl Services by Four Seasons Exteriors
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